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Road Testing


Book your road test now! Be sure to read through the policies below!

Road Test Policies

You are required to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

  1. Road Tests must be scheduled in advance. Generally, we are scheduling Road Tests two to three days ahead of the appointment date.
  2. Test cancellations will not be refunded. You may reschedule your test.
  3. In order to schedule a Road Test in person, you must pay the full amount of the Road Test fee. You should note: that if you fail to provide 48 hours notice, or attend the Road Test at the scheduled time and location, your fee will be forfeited and your test will not proceed.
  4. Only the person taking the Road Test, or their parent/legal guardian may purchase the Road Test Permit.
  5. Your eligibility to take a Road Test will be confirmed on the Motor Vehicles system (MOVES) when your Road Test Permit is generated. This will include producing acceptable identification, appropriate documents based on the requirements of the desired driver’s Licence class, and/or medical documents. If you are ineligible on the test date, the test will not proceed.
  6. In order to take a Road Test, you must provide an appropriate vehicle in good mechanical condition and produce valid insurance and vehicle registration (photo copies will be accepted). If you are using a rental vehicle from a rental company, the rental agreement must be in your name in order to be used for the Road Test.
  7. Prior to the Road test, you will be required to provide government generated photo identification to confirm that your identity matches the Road Test Permit information.
  8. If your Road Test Permit is lost, a new Road Test Permit must be purchased.
  9. A Driver Examiner will be assigned to conduct the Road Test. A client cannot request a particular driver examiner for their Road Test.
  10. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must be present to provide consent when you re-class your license.
  11. For all questions, or if you have any concerns regarding your Driver Examination Road Test, please contact:Driver Programs & Licensing StandardsSouth – (403) 297-6679North – (780) 427-8901Toll Free Number – 1-800-666-5036